Porcelain Crowns  Natick, MA

A crown otherwise known as a “cap”, is typically used when a filling cannot adequately serve a tooth any longer. With a large filling on a tooth it is at risk of breaking. Sometimes, a filling is too big and the remaining tooth is too weak. When we see a large filling there are several scenarios that can play out. It can break favorably in a manner where it is easy for us to place a crown.  It can break in a manner where you would require an extra procedure such as gum shortening in order to give more room for the crown.  It can also break unfavorably deep under the gums to the point where it cannot be fixed.  And of course it might also not break at all with a large filling.  The issue is that we do not know when or how much of it will break.  To protect the tooth, a crown will encapsulate the entire tooth and protect it. That way no matter how you bite you will not be able to damage the tooth.  This will restore the proper function of the tooth and allow you to chew hard foods once again without the fear of the tooth breaking. We only non-metal tooth color ceramic materials for crowns in this office.

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